Budget friendly hosting solutions.

We are here to help you build a complete solution for your individual or business needs.

Our sales professionals are fully trained when it comes to network infastructure and security.

Customer Support

Xtremeprovider offers full support to all customers and provides multiple support departments for easy access.

Reduce Costs

Let us analyze your current infastructure and provide ways to reduce costs withouht affecting your services.

Streamline Operations

Our simple, easy to use platform, will help you become more efficient by saving you money and time.

Peace of Mind

Rest in bed peacefully at night knowing all of your products and serices are secure and backed up with us.

Choose the hosting solution that you require.

From Scaleable Cloud to Dedicated Resources, we have you covered!

All of our Hosting Services include remote monitoring 24/7, customizable options, and easy access control panels.

Cloud Instances

Deploy on demand pre-configured cloud instances with over 30+ locations to choose from. We also provide custom cloud configurations for those that require more.

Dedicated Cloud Instances

Latest Intel Enterprise-grade CPU or the AMD Epyc Series. Blazing fast NVMe storage for ultimate performance. Truly dedicated resources are provided to these instances to ensure top performance and stability.

Dedicated Servers

Low latency network and dedicated resources always at your fingertips to provide top performance for your services. The "powerhouse" of hosting will easily provide you with everything you need for all of your applications.

Virtual Private Servers

Create servers on demand with allocated resources in a semi-managed enviorment with Xtremeprovider VPS. Our High Storage VPS options paired with unmetered bandwidth provides many solutions for hosting.

If you require more, check out fully customizable ordering.

Don't see what you require? No Problem, we encourage custom hardware or services orders.

Generally, the cost of service is lower and better also.

Hardware and Resources

So far we have been able to honor every hardware and resource request from our customers. This type of request allows you to choose exact hardware and what resources you require on the type of hosting.

Example Request:
2x Xeon 2.0Ghz or higher at least 64GB of ram
5TB hard drive space
1Gbps preferred but can do 100Mbps
10TB Monthly Traffic

Location and Routing

We already have partner datacenters and networks worldwide in over 30+ locations that you can choose from. If we do not have a location you require, we will look at all available options and provide you with a solution.

Example Request:
A server in Chicago, IL with excellent routing to "Specific Provider".
Two Servers in New York City with RPN access.

Available for Lease

From time to time customers change their mind or upgrade their hardware or services for the latest and greatest. When this occurs, we will put that service up for lease again for a new customer to utilize.

Generally leased again:
Custom Build Servers
VPS with specific resources / network
Servers co-located in new locations
Anti-DDoS firewall protection...and more

Every customer will receive the best service.

Every product/service we offer is backed by our 100% money back and satisfaction guarantee policy.

Our technical support teams are available 24x7/365 to assist you.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We value all of our customers opinions and suggestions. We work around the clock to provide the best available services for you.

  • Inmediate Attention
  • Custom Solutions
  • Colocation
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Application Integration
  • Customer Service
  • Control Panels
  • Documentation
  • Latest Hardware
  • Powerful Components