Unmanaged Cloud and Server Solutions
Dedicated Servers

Power house servers located on our ultra low-latency network.

*Starting from $14.99/mo.

Dedicated NVMe

Blazing fast dedicated cloud instances with the latest and greatest hardware.

* Starting from $14.99/mo.

Configure Now

Virtual Private Servers

High storage and unmetered servers available to create instantly.

* Starting from $6.99/mo.

Create Server

Scalable SSD

Deploy on demand instances within seconds at one of our 30+ locations.

* Starting from $5.50/mo.

Deploy Now

Create, request, and launch your custom solution.

Hardware and Resources

So far we have been able to honor every hardware and resource request from our customers. This type of request allows you to choose exact hardware and what resources you require on the type of hosting.

Example Request:
2x Xeon 2.0Ghz or higher at least 64GB of ram
5TB hard drive space
10TB Monthly Traffic

Location and Routing

We have partner datacenters and networks worldwide in over 30+ locations. If we do not offer a location you require, our sales and technical team will be available to find the best hosting solution.

Example Request:
A server in Chicago, IL with excellent routing to "Specific Provider".
Two Servers in New York City with RPN access.

Available for Lease

From time to time customers change their mind or upgrade their hardware or services for the latest and greatest. When this occurs, we will put that service up for lease again for a new customer to utilize.

Generally leased again:
Custom Build Servers
VPS with specific resources / network
Anti-DDoS firewall protection...and more

Every customer is provided with the best service and support.
  • Maintain and value all customer services and needs.
  • 100% money back and satisfaction guarantee policy.
  • Technical support teams are available 24x7/365 to assist you.
    • Inmediate Attention
    • Custom Solutions
    • Colocation
    • Competitive Pricing
    • Application Integration
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